• In 1974,  brothers and founders, H. Allen Rice and Alvin E. Rice, developed solid carbon block technology, which is still the building block for all high-quality residential water filters.  They have been at the forefront of water filtration technology since.  
  • Multipure, which was founded in 1970,  remains a family-owned and operated company headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.  
  • Multipure filters are certified by NSF, the organization that develops and publishes the water filtration standards and also certifies water filters.
  • Multipure filters are certified to reduce more contaminants, at a higher percentage, than any other filter I have found.  That is why I choose Multipure filters for my own family. That is why I contacted them and asked if I could offer them to you.
  • Multipure’s Aquaversa (model 750SB) was once again named Consumer Reports’ best under-sink water filters in their last water filter issue. 
  • When you call Multipure you don't have to go through a menu to reach the order department, customer service or whomever you might be calling.  Someone actually answers the phone. They’re a very knowledgeable and nice group of people representing the best products.
  • A Multipure customer service representative told me that the family “is great” to the employees.  That is meaningful to me.
  • Multipure’s products are manufactured in Las Vegas (manufacturing jobs in the USA!). They employ over 200 people.    
  • Multipure betters the lives of others through their Pure Foundation.