Whether we like it or not, the state of our nation’s water requires that we turn to water filters or treatment systems to remove the harmful contaminants the EPA knows exist but hasn’t regulated. So how should one select a water filter?  


To get down to the nitty gritty of evaluating and comparing water filters, check out my blog. In general, start with the highest quality, certified solid carbon block water filter you can find. If it is not certified, you will not be able to ascertain which contaminants that filter reduces. Certified water filters are required to have Performance Data Sheets. These tell you which contaminants the filter reduces. It should be available on the manufacturer's website. Multipure's filters are certified by NSF. I’ve done the research and choose filters manufactured by Multipure for my family.  They reduce more contaminants at a higher percentage than any other filters I have found.  I recommend Multipure filters for your family without hesitation. 


Please read the tips below and do not hesitate to call should you have questions or concerns. Call Water for Moms at (800) 294-1349 or Multipure's customer service department at (800) 622- 9206.


Multipure offers interest-free payment plans.  Please inquire if you’re interested in this option. Your order must be made by phone for this plan.


Aquaversa  or Aquaperform.  If you'd like a separate faucet at your kitchen sink for filtered water, this is you best choice.  Both have Multipure’s superior solid carbon block filter. The Aquaperform removes an additional contaminant – pentavalent arsenic (arsenic V).  Your filtered water comes from a faucet provided with the filter.  Many sinks have an opening to the right of the regular faucet for a sprayer. There is a cover over this opening that can be popped out. Use this opening for your filtered water faucet. If your sink doesn’t have this opening it’s a simple process to have a hole drilled – even in granite countertops. Note these filters can also be connected inline with other existing hardware (e.g., a refrigerator filter).  

inline FILTERS

Aquaversa or Aquaperform.  These filters are your answer if you want superior filtered water from your refrigerator.  Most filters that come with a refrigerator are certified to remove fewer contaminants, if they are certified at all.  Refrigerator filters are often similar to the filters used in a water pitcher or in one that fits on your faucet.  A handyman or plumber can install the Aquaversa or Aquaperform inline filter along the tubing leading from your water supply to your refrigerator (often in your basement). As these inline filters are intended for installation in conjunction with other hardware, they do not include any specific installation parts.  Brackets for below-the-sink mounting and other parts are available separately.  As with the below-the-sink and countertop filters, select the Aquaperform if you are concerned about arsenic V in your area.


AquaversaAquadome or Aquaperform.  Choose one of these filters if you have limited space under the sink and/or do not have or want to use a countertop opening for the filtered water faucet.  The filter will sit on your counter and connect to the faucet using a dual-hose diverter valve that allows you to easily switch from filtered to unfiltered water.  The Aquaversa and Aquadome countertop filters use the same filter as the Aquaversa below-the-sink filter, but have different housing. The countertop Aquaversa can be converted to a below-the-sink filter with additional hardware. The Aquadome cannot. The Aquaperform countertop model has the same filter as the below-the-sink model. 


The AquaRO combines Multipure's advanced solid carbon block filter with reverse osmosis technology, resulting in our most complete water filtration system. Because of its size and complexity, the AquaRO can only connect below the sink; the install kit is included. Review the third page of the AquaRO’s  performance data sheet under the heading “NSF/ANSI 58 - Reverse Osmosis” to see the additional contaminants this product reduces. 


The Aquamini is a new product. It’s lighter weight (5 lbs) and more compact than the other filters. It’s meant for students, travelers or others who want to carry a light weight, high quality filter that can be easily hooked up and removed.  I have this filter for travel. It takes less than a minute to connect and remove. The filter will sit on your counter and connect to the faucet using the same dual-hose diverter valve used by the countertop models, allowing you to easily switch from filtered to unfiltered water. The filter is made with the same solid carbon block technology as Multipure’s other carbon block filters, but has not yet been certified.


The Aquasource  is a whole-house water solution, providing powerful filtration at point-of-entry, ensuring that every water source in the home delivers cleaner, more healthful water. The Aquasource does not replace the need for a kitchen filter, it just provides cleaner water at all sources in your home.


Solid carbon block technology: All Multipure filters use this technology, which Multipure developed in the early 1970s.  Learn more

Performance Data Sheets (list of contaminants reduced):  Review each filter’s performance data sheet under the filter’s “NSF Certified Contaminants Reduced” link on the product page (manufacturers are not permitted to use the word “removes”).  By the way, Multipure is one of the few companies that provide the percentage of each contaminant the filter is certified to remove.