From MOM to MOM

When my daughter was ten (she is now in college), I was helping a client with her new water filtration business. I looked through one of her brochures and was taken aback by the list of contaminants different filters reduced. It never dawned on me that these contaminants could be in my tap water. My interest quickly turned from the business plan to the fact that tap water was contaminated enough that I didn't want my daughter drinking it or being served anything that was made with or cooked in it.  I immediately bought a water filter, although I wasn't really sure which contaminants it reduced.

THE MIRAcle of google. the hunt begins

I rather obsessively searched the internet for more information and found medical study after medical study that implicated our tap water contaminants in miscarriages, birth defects, low birth weight and cancer (in children and adults). Jump ahead several years to today and medical, environmental and government-sponsored studies inform us newborns are being born with environmental toxic contaminants in their bloodstreams. One study found 287 contaminants with an average of 200 contaminants each. The researchers commented they surely would have found more if they had tested for more. These contaminants were in the mother's bloodstream and were passed through the umbilical cord to her fetus (read more about the pollution in newborns here). Drinking water is one of the primary contributors. Once I knew I was pregnant, the way I viewed just about everything changed. Nothing has had more of an impact on my life. Pregnant women and mothers undertake huge responsibilities. I believe installing a water filter that is certified to reduce the most dangerous contaminants in our tap water is one of those responsibilities. I would have never consumed unfiltered tap or bottled water when I was pregnant or nursing, nor poured it for my daughter if I knew what I do now. 



Even though my pregnancy was many years ago, when I think about the contaminants in our tap water, my thoughts turn to you - pregnant women, women with fertility challenges and mothers. The medical studies I reviewed at the beginning of this journey were primarily focused on disinfection (or chlorinated) byproducts. If your water is chlorinated, you are drinking these contaminants. These were first identified as being associated with miscarriage and certain types of birth defects and bladder cancer in the 1990s. Now we have been informed that babies are entering this world with chemicals, pollutants and pesticides in their bloodstream, primarily due to the mother’s exposure through water, food and air.  After our babies enter this world they are exposed to the same water that polluted their mothers. For some reason OB-GYNs, pediatricians and pregnancy books are not yet sounding the horn. However, Physicians for Social Responsibility, US Department on Women's Health, US National Institutes of Health, consumer protection and advocacy groups, and even the President’s Cancer Panel suggest home water filters for pregnant women and children. Some also recommend targeted organic food choices. By the way, I recently sent my daughter, who is now in college, a Multipure filter (the Aquamini) for her apartment’s kitchen along with a shower filter. Parenting, love and concern doesn't stop, it just takes different paths over time.  So here I am sharing this critical information with you - from mom to mom.  

FUN FACTS and more


  • I have a masters degree in accounting from University of Illinois and am a Certified Public Accountant. 
  • I love to play hockey. I play for Mayhem, a women’s hockey team outside of Chicago. 
  • Some of my best friends are from my childhood and teenage years.
  • My passion is to help you understand the health and pregnancy risks associated with our tap water.
  • I want to empower you to choose the right water filter technology and product by providing the  information you need to make that choice. See my tips on choosing a filter here.  Learn more about specific solutions here.